President Supervillain uses Donald Trump quotes against Captain America

Pres Villain

Photo via Pres Villain

Our President sometimes sounds like a comic book villain, and this Twitter account proves it.

The Trump administration has been unlike any in the history of the executive branch, and it's barely been 30 days. From resignations due to lying about contact with Russia, to putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council, to a leader of the free world who simply won't stop accosting the media at every opportunity, we've never experienced anything like this as a country. 

It certainly doesn't help that our president has the habit of speaking in an extreme hyperbolic manner. While this represents a disconcerting time, it also represents an opportunity for satire. 

Thankfully Pres. Supervillain is here to take advantage of that opportunity. By carefully placing Trump quotes over famous supervillains from comic books, particular Red Skull in Captain America, Pres. Supervillain casts a questioning eye on an administration that can be as cartoonish as it is frustrating. Enjoy, then go follow over on Twitter.

In trying times humor is sometimes all we have, and these are very trying times. And this is very funny. 
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