Stunning livestream shows Mount Etna awaken from its volcanic slumber

Mt Etna

Photo via SalvoV/GettyImages

The volcanic activity does not pose danger to nearby towns.

Mount Etna erupted on Monday, providing us with breathtaking images of lava spewing from its crater.

Here is one of many YouTube videos capturing the intense eruption:

FoxNews also had an hour-long livestream of the event. 
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The most active volcano in Europe sits on the northeastern coast of Sicily near the ancient city of Catania. Its eruptions typically last days, but can continue shooting out lava for weeks. This particular activity does not pose a danger to inhabitants in nearby communities, and the local airport was under normal operations despite the risks associated with a volcano’s ash cloud.

The mountain, which is two-and-a-half times taller than Vesuvius, is also called Montebello in Italian, which translates to beautiful mountain.

It is easy to see why.

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