This interactive Lego coffee mug makes mornings more fun

brick mug

Photo via Daily store (CC-BY)

No one's going to get away with stealing your cup after this.

Why settle for the standard mug, when your office cup could mean playtime too? This Build-On Brick Mug is functional, totally customizable, and just plain fun. 

 This mug is designed with a peg and hole surface that you can add toy construction bricks too (because who doesn't love Legos). So not only will your office cup hold your caffeinated beverage of choice, it can be as playful or as practical as you want it to be. 

Also, it'll be really hard for Suzan from Accounting to take it again. Get the Build-On Brick Mug for $19.99 from the Daily Dot store - that's half off the original price of $39.99. 

Buy it here


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